Top Knotch Hair

5443 Riverdale Rd
Atlanta, GA 30349  

Phone: (678) 437-8178

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday
8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday to Sunday



Welcome to Top Knotch Hair 

When it comes to hair...

We have that special flair!

Do you want to have hair that gets noticed? Would you love your locks to be hair commercial worthy? Most importantly, are YOU searching for a hair stylist that you can trust? Look no further because... 

Whatever you wish for your hair...

We can grant it!

In fact, after we’ve worked our magic, you’ll have the residents of Atlanta, GA wanting your hair! Good hair days start with Top Knotch Hair! Our hairdressers have the expertise and skillful hands to transform your strands. We can make short hair long; turn curls straight, alter blondes into brunettes, and more.

Is your hair dyeing for change?

Stop delaying...change is good!

Top Knotch Hair does not disappoint. Give us a call today!